Irit Nursery is a family business which has been in production since 1986. It is located at Moshav Nitzanei-Oz, which is at the central Sharon region in Israel
The nursery stretches across an area of 10 hectare, upon which are found the most modern insect free greenhouses.

These greenhouses meet international requirement standards & are under the inspection of the Israeli & American Agricultural plant protection. 
The Nursery provides the European & the American market bedding plants & Pelargonium cuttings.

Our mother plants are grown on detached inert growing media & have been carefully scrutinized by the Volcanic Institute in Israel in order to ensure that the plants are free of the XCP bacteria as well as other harmful bacteria & viruses



Irit Nursery works with genetics by the following breeders: Selecta, DanzigerPAC, Westhoff, Fides.

We offer the cuttings worldwide directly & upon demand through own export company. 

We provides the cuttings at “Unrooted” stage, while using state of the

art rooters which is able to provide Pelargonium cuttings in various stages, such as Callus cuttings, plugs & finished plants in 776 pots & in 12 cm containers.

In the Israeli market, Irit Nursery is known by the brand name “Maimon” & it is one of the leading finisher companies. The Nursery produces annually about 20 million finished plants of perennials, seedlings & herbs in pots & packs.


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